Jak zmienić kolor paska kart w Xcode

Jak zmienić kolor paska kart w tym kodzie? Mój pasek kart jest czarny. Po kliknięciu zmienia kolor na niebieski. Chcę zmienić kolor holowania na inny kolor.

Ten kod pochodzi z: application.m i tam: rotatingTabBarController.m, rotatingTabBarController.h

<code>//  1B) If this app uses tabs, create a tabbed navigation application and set the default screen for each tab
//      to the defaultScreenGuid in the tabs data
if([self.tabs count] > 0){
    [BT_debugger showIt:self:[NSString stringWithFormat:@"building a tabbed based navigation app%@", @""]];

    if([self.screens count] > 0){

        qoqb_appDelegate *appDelegate = (qoqb_appDelegate *)[[UIApplication sharedApplication] delegate];   

        //initialize the tab bar controller
        rootTabBarController = [[BT_rotatingTabBarController alloc] init];
        [rootTabBarController.view setFrame:[[UIScreen mainScreen] bounds]];
        [rootTabBarController setDelegate:appDelegate];
        rootTabBarController.view.autoresizingMask = (UIViewAutoresizingFlexibleWidth | UIViewAutoresizingFlexibleHeight);

        //if we have a tabbar color setup in the theme
        if(self.rootTheme != nil){
            if([self.rootTheme.jsonVars objectForKey:@"tabBarColor"]){
                if([[self.rootTheme.jsonVars objectForKey:@"tabBarColor"] length] > 3){
                    UIColor *tabberColor = [BT_color getColorFromHexString:[self.rootTheme.jsonVars objectForKey:@"tabBarColor"]];
                    NSString *tabberOpacity = @".50";
                    if([self.rootTheme.jsonVars objectForKey:@"tabBarColorOpacity"]){
                        if([[self.rootTheme.jsonVars objectForKey:@"tabBarColorOpacity"] length] > 0){
                            tabberOpacity = [NSString stringWithFormat:@".%@", [self.rootTheme.jsonVars objectForKey:@"tabBarColorOpacity"]];
                            if([tabberOpacity isEqualToString:@".100"]) tabberOpacity = @".50";
                        //colorize the tab-bar
                        [rootTabBarController addTabColor:tabberColor:[tabberOpacity doubleValue]];

        //Fill a temporary array of view controllers to assign to tab bar controller
        NSMutableArray *tmpViewControllers = [[NSMutableArray alloc] init]; 

        //loop through each tab bar item in application data
        for(int i = 0; i < [[self tabs] count]; i++){

            //this tab
            BT_item *thisTab = (BT_item *)[[self tabs] objectAtIndex:i];
            NSString *textLabel = [[thisTab jsonVars] objectForKey:@"textLabel"];               
            UIImage *tabIcon = [UIImage imageNamed:[[thisTab jsonVars] objectForKey:@"iconName"]];              

            //get the screen from the apps array of screens for this tab's view controller
            if([[thisTab jsonVars] objectForKey:@"homeScreenItemId"]){

                BT_item *thisTabsDefaultScreenData = [self getScreenDataByItemId:[[thisTab jsonVars] objectForKey:@"homeScreenItemId"]];

                //if this is the first tab in the list, remember it as the "currently loaded screen", also make it the "previously loaded screen"
                if(i == 0){
                    [self setCurrentScreenData:thisTabsDefaultScreenData];
                    [self setPreviousScreenData:thisTabsDefaultScreenData];
                    [thisTabsDefaultScreenData setIsHomeScreen:TRUE];

                    //if theScreen has an audio file..load it in the delegate
                    if([[BT_strings getJsonPropertyValue:thisTabsDefaultScreenData.jsonVars:@"audioFileName":@""] length] > 3){

                        qoqb_appDelegate *appDelegate = (qoqb_appDelegate *)[[UIApplication sharedApplication] delegate];   

                        //initialize audio in different thread to prevent UI blocking
                        [NSThread detachNewThreadSelector: @selector(loadAudioForScreen:) toTarget:appDelegate withObject:thisTabsDefaultScreenData];