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21 Startup Ideas to Start Profitable Business in 2020

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Looking for inspiration to get your own startup ideas?

Working for yourself and being your own boss is incredibly rewarding and comes with multiple benefits. However, starting up can be risky and tiresome. That’s why we’ve created a list of over 20 up-and-coming startup ideas to get you inspired and build an MVP asap.

Let’s start with how you can come up with your own startup ideas!

3 Ways on How to Come Up With Startup Ideas

There are three basic ways of coming up with a startup idea.

  1. Having a sudden idea

This idea is like an epiphany you have when you least expect it.

You’re in the shower or on your commute to work and it suddenly hits you, like a secret part of your brain had been developing for ages. You can’t believe you’re the only one to have that idea! You start developing it in your head, fleshing your idea out.

Sadly, with these types of ideas you’ll figure that your idea ends up fitting in one of these two options:

Someone is already doing it in the best version possible

No one is doing it and for a good reason

Still, every now and then people still have a sudden stroke of genius, so don’t give up on all of your ideas until you know for a fact they can’t be developed!

  1. Developing an improvement idea

This idea happens when you’re already working on something and realize there’s a better way of doing things. You figure out what’s missing or how you could improve a process or service.

Unlike the sudden idea, these ideas tend to work better, because they’re based on experience and observation, even if that happens without you realizing it!

  1. Actively looking for a new idea

Unlike the first two, which are almost accidental ideas, here you actively look for a new business idea. You research and prioritize ideas based on your knowledge and learnings. You may already have a slight idea of what you’d like to do, but you’re driven by your entrepreneurial desires, and not by a sudden stroke of genius.

Believe it or not, these ideas are the ones that tend to work out the best.


Because you’re taking your time to learn new skills and getting to know yourself and the market. All you need to do is to properly develop your idea, work on your pitch desk skills and launch your MVP.

That’s why we gathered a list of the best ideas you can develop in 2020.

We’ve also listed a couple of ideas that require some development resources. But, no worries, if you’re not an engineer. There are easy and cheap ways to outsource web development.

Best Startup Ideas 2020

Here we’ll show you the best ideas for 2020 along with the Google Trends data so you can see the growing market for them.

7 Easy and Cheap Startup Business Ideas

Let’s start with the easiest and cheapest startup ideas:

1. ClickBank Online Courses

2. SEO expert business

3. Starting an intermittent fasting blog

4. Virtual Assistant Services

5. Beard Oil

6. Language translator

7. Digital marketer

7 Online Business Startup Ideas

Being your own boss is great, but owning your own business is even better. Here are a few ideas of things you can sell and services you can provide as a startup in 2020:

1. Reusable bags

2. VR Arcade

3. 3D Printing and Designing

4. Mobile Pet Grooming

5. Podcast Networks

6. Raw dog food

7. Carpet Cleaning

7 App Startup Ideas

You might think that apps are a thing of 2010 but you’re miles out. Make money with free apps can be still a great idea if you work on the right project.

1. Meditation App

2. Medical App

3. Video-editing app

4. Pregnancy app

5. Referral app

6. Scanner app

7. Scheduling App

Inspiration for a startup is hard to come by. However, if you go by the data, you’ll see many areas of opportunity where you can succeed.

Which one are you starting with?

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