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Top 10 EHR Startups in 2020: The Secret of Rapid Growth

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EHR startups are taking all the glory when it comes to digital transformation in the medical field.

Many EMR startups are rising to this occasion and bringing innovative products to the market. They aim to help healthcare workers and institutions streamline their work procedures.

Also, they help manage the patient records, manage the work, and monitor performances. Almost all the EHR and EMR software vendors can cater to both sides, the patient, and hospital management.

Depending on the usage, healthcare institutes or individual practitioners make the selection.

Market Statistics and Startups Landscape

These startups provide tech-savvy products with convenience to users. Several reports conclude that the EMR EHR software vendors show a growth of 5.5% in CAGR every year.

Crunchbase enlists around 350 startups working in the EHR domain. These startups have been successful in raising $2.8 billion together.

If anything, these figures show that software vendors working in the EHR and EMR domain have a high potential to generate revenue.

However, on the other side of the spectrum, EHR and EMR based startups are also failing. Some vendors start good, but they fail to reach Series A funding round. Or some of them realize that their product is not that profitable.

But that is the case with startups in any industry and not just EHR.

Overview of Top 10 EHR Startups to look for in 2020

We have curated a list of top EHR software companies working on innovative models.

Apart from the basic features like a patient portal and invoice generation, they have much more to offer.

Within these top EHR software, the companies also offer the in-built HIPAA compliant chat apps. This bridges the patient-doctor gap and increases engagement.

Further, you will find that they have e-prescribing, appealing UIs, and the ability to scan documents. Some top of the line startups are using AI and Machine learning to augment the performance further.

Above all, due to the global pandemic, the need for software vendors from EHR and EMR has increased.

Let’s have a look at the top EMR startups, which look interesting in 2020.

1. Practice Fusion

Many independent practitioners, psychiatrists, and other medical professionals like Practice Fusion. Like other startups in this domain, this EMR software uses smart tools to help manage the majority of the functions.

2. Practo

One of the top EHR startups, Practo, makes it easier for doctors to connect with their patients.

This EHR software has tools for both doctors and patients, making it one of the top companies in this domain.

3. hc1

hc1 is another one of the top EMR EHR software vendors that provide ease of access to doctors.

4. Akila Labs

Innovative startups have a better chance of becoming the top EHR software companies.

Akila labs is working with innovative methods and leverage the power of AI to build a smart ecosystem.

5. Kareo

Kareo is one of the top EHR software companies working with cloud technology. Accessibility is not an issue with Kareo as it is a web-based software.

6. CareCloud

CareCloud is one of the rising EMR startups in the healthcare industry. It works on the cloud and provides access to several advanced features.

7. Elation EMR

Elation EMR is one of those startups that is born out of a need to help doctors. It will help clinicians and practitioners to reduce their staff. This is while the software takes care of various systems.

8. MedCPU

MedCPU is one of the rising EHR startups working to provide cost-effective solutions.

With its innovative methods, MedCPU allows physicians to make accurate clinical decisions.

9. drChrono

This is one of the high performing EMR startups for iOS devices. drChrono takes one of the top positions in the EHR software companies due to its smart features.

Built with features like telehealth, EMR, and RCM, drChrono helps streamline the entire workflow.

10. Phreesia

This multi-specialty EHR system is another amazing startups on our list. Phreesia works to help doctors and hospital management maintain precision patient records.

How to Choose an EHR?

Startups or established companies develop high performing EMR systems that help streamline the work process.

The thumb rule of choosing an EMR is to assess your needs. Lookin at top EHR software offered by companies, the myriad of features breeds confusion. But there is a solution to it.

Learn more about TOP EHR software companies.

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