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Top 20 Best EdTech Companies & Startups

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The fusion of technology and education is making headway for a better and more inclusive future.

Education technology makes learning easier, streamlined, and fun. Along with this, it gives a voice to the students.

Added to this, the edtech market is bustling with innovative products. New education startups are personalizing their products. So that it resonates with the end-user on a personal level.

In this article, we are going to know about top edtech companies and startups to look after in 2020.

Top 10 Best Edtech Companies

These education companies impact a student’s life in many ways. The students get access to cutting edge technologies and learning methods.  These startups help students have fun while learning.


Blackboard is one of the biggest education technology companies. They are hustling to help teachers impart quality education.


Byju’s covers the entire K-12 segment of school education, but with the main focus on Maths and Science.  Byju’s was the most valued education tech company in 2019, standing at $5.4 billion.

It allows students to take video lessons via the application or website. Today, Byju’s is one of the most successful startups. Beginning from a simple education platform has today become an authentic source of learning.

Teachers Pay Teachers

TPT is one of the amazing companies in the realm of education technology. Primarily, it connects teachers with teachers allowing them to exchange study material.

TPT works on an Open Marketplace business model securing funding via the Private Equity model.

Dreambox Learning

As far as E learning startups go, Dreambox Learning is a very intuitive and exciting online education platform. Dreambox Learning uses the concept of Adaptive Learning technology, which is rarely seen in even the top edtech companies.


Coursera is one of the biggest education technology companies. It connects students with more than 150 universities.

They offer courses from diverse subject areas. Thus, helping students learn from the best educational institutions.


Another one of the amazing education startups that cater to the teaching community. Instructure helps teachers create new courses and also allot assignments.

Further, there are more than 3000 universities that have a listing on this cloud-based platform.


One of the most advanced top edtech companies, Knewton focusses on adaptive learning.

Knewton allows students to understand their strengths and weaknesses. This is in combination with developing their intellect in the subject.


Chegg works in three major domains. Chegg provides digital notes and subject matter to the students.

Unlike other companies’ platforms, the students on Chegg can opt for online tutoring on the edtech platform.


Donorchosse is one of the unique and innovative edtech companies giving top priority to practical learning.

As a non-profit organization, the students can get funding for their projects by donors.

It connects donors and students. Students can freely work on their innovations without limiting themselves to self-funding.


Simplilearn is an amazing portal that provides certifications for professional courses.

As an edtech platform, it also helps the employees of different companies learn more about their fields. This allows professionals to become better in their field and look for better job prospects.

Top 10 Best e Learning Startups

After getting to know the best education technology companies, we are going to take up the startups. New startups in the education realm offer innovative products and solutions to the learning community.

Every single one of the top edtech companies was also a startup at some point. We have listed those top e-learning startups that are doing something new in the realm of edtech.

Zen Educate

Zen Educate is one of those companies that use the edtech that helps schools recruit top teachers. It removes the need to pay commissions and fees to the recruiters.

They only enlist authenticated teachers who have the requisite experience. Further, education startups similar to this one ensures that the teachers get the deserved remuneration.


TORSH is another one of the innovative edtech companies aiming to bring top-class education to the students. It allows educators to impart promising education to bring an improvement in the students.


VIP Kid is one of the most widespread education technology companies. It only imparts English lessons by connecting North American teachers.

It is one of those companies that use edtech to help students and teachers connect. The teachers can teach and earn all the while working from the comfort of their homes.

Guild Education

Unlike other e learning startups, Guild Education helps the professional employees. And continue their studies while working.

Since they do not have time to attend regular schools, this startup brings education to them virtually.

This improves the intellect and book knowledge of the employees while they are working on their practical skills.


Unacademy is one of the fastest-growing and top edtech companies with a consumer base of 300,000 students.

They facilitate video lessons for students of all ages and subjects.

The educators are handpicked, and they can share the video lessons on the platform accessible to the students.

A Cloud Guru

A Cloud Guru is the top education platform for IT personnel.

This startup imparts teachings on cloud technology. Along with this, they provide certifications in different domains of cloud technology.

4.0 Schools

4.0 Schools enter the e learning startups world with an innovative concept. They provide training to the upcoming CEOs and leaders online.

They offer fellowships and other essential skills to help them train. Along with this, the students or entrepreneurs get community support.


In the sphere of edtech, Applyboard is quickly gaining traction among other startups. They help students from across the globe get an education in North America.

This startup provides the best education via online e learning courses, which help them improve their skills.


Sparx understands the issues in teaching and learning maths in schools. This startups E learning prowess comes from skillful educators. They impart virtual classes in maths for the students.


Amboss stands out from other startups as it operates in the realm of medical education. It offers exam-style questions and the latest medical study material to the students.

Smart learning techniques are allowing the students to take notes, highlight, and develop as they learn.

Amboss is only one of the few edtech companies that bring the entire medical subject matter online.

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