Это безопасный метод, ой

<code>    $salt = $this->get_salt($username);

    if (is_null($salt)) {
        return FALSE;

    $password = sha1(SITE_KEY . $password . $salt);
    $sth = $this->db->prepare("SELECT id, username, active FROM user WHERE username = ? AND password = ?");
    $sth->execute(array($username, $password));

    if (($result = $sth->fetch()) !== FALSE) {
        return $result;

    return FALSE;

Вот что меня беспокоит:

I did not misunderstand the login method. I just don't think it should return that object. I may be wrong and what you are doing is perfectly fine, but I doubt it. You are returning the full user object from the database, password and all, to a potentially insecure script. Someone could potentially create a new file and then do something like var_dump($userObject); and have all that information

Also, I just find it unintuitive to return a "magic" property from something. It's just another one of those things that is not verified before being used. If you were to move that to a separate method in your auth class and have it return the value of "active" you could run any verification you needed to without your login.php script being any the wiser.

: Looked at it again, and while you would already need to know the login information if you were to abuse that object in that way. It is still better, in my opinion, to separate it in case there is some sort of leak. Not saying I know how someone would be able to do it. Just think of it as one less potential loop hole.

I don't pretend to understand how malicious users would do something. I just know that making it easier for them to do so doesn't seem wise. Maybe there isn't anything wrong with it, I'm not a security expert. I'm just poking at things that, if I were to write it, I would change because they seem hazardous to me. If you truly wish to know if it is dangerous or not, I'd suggest submitting that example to the regular stackoverflow community to see what they say.

Есть ли у него какой-то смысл того, что он говорит? Метод будет использоваться в контроллере страниц, который я имею:

<code>$user = $auth->login('username, password)

if ($user) {
//do some additional checks... set session variables

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