Плагин history.js - как использовать

Мне нужна рука с плагином history.js.

Я собрал краткую страницу, чтобы проверить функциональность -http://www.salesmelbourne.com/

Currently I'm struggling with the following:

Back/forward buttons don't reload the AJAX div - is this an extra history.js function that I haven't added or do I need to code this myself? or both.

I notice when the title updates it flashes - I believe its briefly showing the page meta title. Can I make this smooth?

IE (I'm using verison 9) shows a popup box on each page change saying 'message from the website' - kind of like an error - can I sort this somehow?

Also under IE (HTML4 browser) I'm getting the 'suid=13383514298760299522541335484' etc. I don't see why I would need this - can I remove the suid?

спасибо, куча

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