«Mvn release: execute» из Maven 3.0 не любит pom.xml, которого нет в корневом каталоге git repo

У меня есть вопрос о Maven, плагине maven-release-, интеграции git, pom.xml и о наличии pom.xml в подкаталогах локальной копии репо, а не в корне.

Вот установка:

I have a github account with a limited number of private repositories I want to (am just learning to) use Maven to organize my builds/releases I might need to create many Maven "projects", several projects per git repository Each maven project requires a "pom.xml" to define its characteristics I can't, or at least it's not convenient to, put all project pom.xml files in the root of the git repository So I end up with this folder layout for projects: git_repo_root_dir project_A folder pom.xml other_code project_B folder pom.xml other_code etc. ... I can successfully go to directory git_repo_root_dir/project_A and do an "mvn release:prepare" I fail with this step in git_repo_root_dir/project_A: "mvn release:perform" The problem seems to be that the git-tagged code is successfully checked out to git_repo_root_dir/project_A/target/checkout/project_A in preparation for the release build, but then after the checkout the "maven-release" plugin goes to directory git_repo_root_dir/project_A/target/checkout/. instead of git_repo_root_dir/project_A/target/checkout/project_A/. to do the actual build, and there's no way to tell the "maven-release" plugin to step into a subdirectory of the special tagged copy of the source before trying to mess with the pom.xml QUESTION: is there a way around this? Is there an option to somehow tell "mvn release:perform" to go to the subdirectory?

Вот фактическая ошибка, которую я получаю во время этого процесса:

[INFO] --- maven-release-plugin:2.0:perform (default-cli) @ standard_parent_project ---
[INFO] Checking out the project to perform the release ...
[INFO] Executing: /bin/sh -c cd "/Users/___/DEV c8ion 01/maven_based_code/0maven/standard_parent_project/target" && git clone [email protected]:clarafaction/0maven.git '/Users/___/DEV c8ion 01/maven_based_code/0maven/standard_parent_project/target/checkout'
/* note, the pom.xml the build should go out of at this point is at
   '/Users/___/DEV c8ion 01/maven_based_code/0maven/standard_parent_project/target/checkout/standard_parent_project/pom.xml'
[INFO] [ERROR] The goal you specified requires a project to execute but
    there is no POM in this directory
    (/Users/___/DEV c8ion 01/maven_based_code/0maven/standard_parent_project/target/checkout).
    Please verify you invoked Maven from the correct directory. -> [Help 1]


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