Ошибка запуска библиотеки на python

Я следую за шагами в соответствии сhttp://npatta01.github.io/2015/08/10/dlib/ но когда я пытаюсь бежать (я использую sudo),

python python_examples/face_detector.py examples/faces/2007_007763.jpg

забрать ошибку. Во-первых, ошибка была

AttributeError: 'module' object has no attribute 'image_window' 

в строке 8. Теперь ошибкаIllegal instruction (core dumped) но я не знаю почему. Пожалуйста, помогите мне правильно добавить библиотеку.

import sys

import dlib
from skimage import io

detector = dlib.get_frontal_face_detector()
win = dlib.image_window()

for f in sys.argv[1:]:
    print("Processing file: {}".format(f))
    img = io.imread(f)
    # The 1 in the second argument indicates that we should upsample the image
    # 1 time.  This will make everything bigger and allow us to detect more
    # faces.
    dets = detector(img, 1)
    print("Number of faces detected: {}".format(len(dets)))
    for i, d in enumerate(dets):
        print("Detection {}: Left: {} Top: {} Right: {} Bottom: {}".format(
            i, d.left(), d.top(), d.right(), d.bottom()))


# Finally, if you really want to you can ask the detector to tell you the score
# for each detection.  The score is bigger for more confident detections.
# The third argument to run is an optional adjustment to the detection threshold,
# where a negative value will return more detections and a positive value fewer.
# Also, the idx tells you which of the face sub-detectors matched.  This can be
# used to broadly identify faces in different orientations.
if (len(sys.argv[1:]) > 0):
    img = io.imread(sys.argv[1])
    dets, scores, idx = detector.run(img, 1, -1)
    for i, d in enumerate(dets):
        print("Detection {}, score: {}, face_type:{}".format(
            d, scores[i], idx[i]))

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